Happy Birthday Ross!

Happy Birthday Ross! You are now officially closer to 40 than you are to 30. Sorry, dude. A few photos after George's first night back in Hong Kong.  After a touch of grumpiness triggered by his desire to start his night sleep earlier than usual and his mummy's desire for him not to sleep too early, a Mexican standoff was avoided, and little man had a good night of dozing - with only a few grizzles before morning arrived.  Not bad, given that he ought to have a touch of jetlag.  A bit of tummy time this morning led to an inadvertent roll - which we would like to put down to his immense strength, but sadly have to accept that it was more due to the size of his cloth nappy relative to the rest of his scrawny torso. Poor kiddo rolls around like a spinning top if unsupervised.

As you can see, his afro is really coming along.  I'm struggling to tell whether it's morning hair or a true afro.  I'll let you know after bathtime tonight.