A day of firsts

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That's right - a fist bump from little George for a couple of awesome achievements today.

Firstly - he threw back his first full feed from a bottle.  Took him a few seconds to figure out what to do with the teat, but once he worked it out, he chugged it like a baby possessed.  Well, at least until there was a quarter of the feed left to go, at which point he promptly fell asleep.  Not to worry - a few jiggles and prods, and he woke up and downed the rest of it.  His mummy is shooting out for a few hours tomorrow, and daddy is going to be taking care of the little fella in her absence.  Emergency services have been added to my speed dial numbers.

Second - he laughed.  Not just giggled, not just smiled - but he laughed.  And laughed. And laughed.

It happened in the bath - we were almost done, and I was putting a little bit of soap in his neck folds where his milky vomit usually hides during the day.  I rubbed his neck with my finger, and he started laughing. So I did it some more and he just chortled, and kept laughing. The more I rubbed it, the more he laughed - his face was hilarious, and he was literally going "heh! haaaaa! haaaaaaaaaa!"  It was utterly adorable.  Can't wait for it to become a regular occurence...



Tonight we have video chats with Aunty Anna, Uncle Kieran and future-girlfriend Bella, and then we saw Aunty Katy and Uncle Sam.  George was ever the performing monkey and was good enough to give Katy and Sam a lovely big smile before totally flipping out due to overtiredness.

And finally, Happy Birthday to ANG! Hope you had an awesome day - here are some family portraits for you (in the middle one we are in fact mocking George's habit of raising his fist for no reason at all):